The power of FOOD

In the beginning stages (1-2 weeks) make sure your new adoptee has a high fatty diet (you can give him/her butter [helps grow good bacteria in the gut) cheese(swiss cheese like butter helps grow good bacteria in the gut), coconut oil and sour cream. By giving your adoptee a high fat diet she or he will stay calm and feel content, which will make transitions smoother.

Watch out for partially and fully hydrogenated oils/fat <- this is not healthy and should not be consumed Milk thistle gets rid of toxins in his body ( should not consume anything with chicken unless the chicken was raised and fed in Maryland or organic… other wise the chickens are fed arsenic.) Glutamine Powder(GP) is for liver detox and is the most powerful natural antioxidant for mammals. GP helps restore the muscles after exercise and helps the restoration process. Fish Oil is good for mental and cardiovascular health. Egg Whites (Trytophan) makes serotonin promoting a feeling of general well being. Serotonin turns into Melatonin ( with vitamin D). Melatonin Facilitates a deep restful sleep. Parmesan cheese ( aggressive dogs who get a triangle a day showed massive improvement in demeanor ). Parmesan cheese is a precursor for dopamine, which you need for good boron transmit ion. It has propionate acid which is good for intestinal health and amenity as well as giving the feeling of happiness and a sense of reward. Soup bones from your local butcher are great and inexpensive. You can boil them in a pot of oat meal add veggies and some meat (or beans for protein) and you have a well-balanced meal that promotes healthy joints. You can then put the pot in the fridge of freezer and use the food you made as premade dog food (take out as needed) and the bone for a great chew toy. Bone will help relieve stress. Be aware,raw hides, are very hard or intolerable for a dog to digest. Raw hides have a lot of unhealthy chemicals to preserve it. Most of the ingredients in dog treats or the treats themselves come from china. A great alternative again is at your local butcher where you can purchase the pork or beef skin and put in the oven yourself. Local pet stores may sell all ‘natural’ raw hides but ask if the product contains any preservatives and where the product came from. Anything that has bone meal or animal products (meat meal) in the ingredients may contain zoo animals, road kill and euthanized animals (including everything on the animals including collars when they are rendered to the production plant ). You have to ask yourself would 'I eat this'? 'is it really healthy and beneficial for my dog'? ‘Is it moral to feed my dog this?’ Most commercial dog food companies use anything that cannot be consumed by humans and should be thrown away for dog food. Not only is it cheaper for the company to make dog food out of it, they make huge profits! The companies use dead and diseased animals, parts of the animals that dogs and cats do not naturally consume (chicken feet and beaks labeling it as chicken meal). Commercial dog food companies are owned by food manufactures, like Nestles, they will put the by-products of their human products that they can't use or need to dispose into dog food. When trying to avoid ingredients from china you have to find out the source of the ingredients. Made in the USA does not mean their ingredients did not come from China. Learn More by going to these Links Why dog food What is Commercial dog food is Ten truths about dog food Are cats and dogs really in our pets food ? How owns commercial dog food brands? Healthy alternatives

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