Canine Adoption Application


Please remember that adopting an animal is a long-term commitment. Animals may take weeks or months to settle into their new environment. They will require lots of love, attention and your finances. So please, seriously consider your decision to adopt an animal. We highly suggest that you research what is best for you and the animal to make the adoption experience is a positive and lasting one for you and the animal you adopt. This application is intended to find the best matched lifestyle for our animals. There is an adoption fee between 250 and 500 dollars to cover expenses of the animal (depending on vet bills, disposition, age and location). Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns via email ( and phone (203-837-1040)

Answer all questions honestly, when finish press ‘enter’ on your keyboard, the site will then say thanking you for your submission and you will receive an automated email if the application was successful submitted. You can also email us and we can send you application to be completed via email. Please call 203-837-1040 if you have any questions.

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Part II: Environmental Information

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Part IV: Family Information

You should also take in consideration that vet bills can add up especially in an emergency. When I was out of state, my German shorthair Pointer was hit unexpectedly by a car (the wind blew the door open) and I was right behind him. Not even a minute later a speeding car hit him and 10,000 dollars and 5 vets later, he is perfect, except for the slightly torn ACL and inexperienced vet accidentally did while examining him. So be aware of the commitment involved in care for your friend and know unexpected can happen. Owning a dog can average out to be well over a 1,000 a year (food, toys, vet checkups (this does not include emergencies), cages/crates or more if you include damage (I have gone through more shoes, phone chargers, head phones, iPods, jeans and other chewable possessions than I can count.)

Fees are set taking into account the dog's age, training level, temperament, medical condition(s) if any, and other factors. Some dogs require  hundreds, even thousands of dollars and many weeks or months be spent before they are ready for adoption, others do not. Adoption fees are used, not only to rescue and place the dog you are personally adopting, but to aid in the future rescue and rehabilitation of other deserving dogs. Our rescue has no paid employees and rely on volunteers and fosters, all funds go to our rescue canines.

** By submitting this application, I agree that to the best of my knowledge the above information is accurate and complete. I understand that providing false information can result in the termination of my application or the return of the animal. **


If you have any questions you can ask via email at and/or phone 412 370 4493
Someone will get back to you within 72 hours of receipt of you application
If you are adopting a puppy, someone must be at home or with the puppy majority of the day. A physical fence is also required (if a puppy you must have a fence by 6mos of age or what was discussed with forever rescue and the fence must be approved by forever rescue). If this is an issue please talk to us. Thank you for your interest and application.