Adoption Process

First step is the submission of an application

You can email us at Once we receive your application ( you will receive a conformation response and your completed application will be reviewed within 48 to 72 hours upon submission.

Second step is the phone interview

A phone interview is for any follow up questions, clarifications that need to be made and to set up a meet-and-greet with the potential adopter and adoptee, and/or home visit.

Third step is a meet and greet

You will meet the potential adoptee/s to make sure it would be a good fit for all parties

Fourth step is the home visit

This is where we take and give the adoptee to his/her new family. This also where loose ends, such as the adoption contract is signed, are tied up.

The adoption process may take one to two weeks depending on everyone’s’ schedule.Please note a traveling fee may apply.


Staying Warm

Staying Warm