About Us

We are a 501C3 non-profit organization.  This site is for people and their pets to connect,  to become better educated about their pets and to help get our rescue dogs to be adopted out to families that will  offer them  physically and mentally healthy environments.

We require all our foster homes and adopters to be knowledgeable in dog nutrition and know what they are feeding their dog. .  Most people have no idea what  commercial  dog food ingredients really are. Did you know your dogs food could contain euthanized dogs and cats ? ( you can find informative videos and articles on our ‘News’ page). Huge part of keeping your companion happy, healthy and for a long time, is for them to eat right and this all depends on you; the care giver. We give our adopters the option of  an alternative spay and neuter( tubal ligation or vasectomy)or a traditional spay and neuter. By choosing to have this alternative spay and neuter done the dog can keep his or her hormones without getting pregnant or impregnating another dog.  Some side affects of getting the traditional spay and neuter are  a “greater risk of bone cancer, triples the risk of hypothyroidism,increases risk of persistent or recurring urinary tract infection by a factor 3-4, increases the risk of adverse reactions to vaccinations and orthopedic disorders”(Long Term Health effects of Spay Neuter in Dogs by Laura Sanborn). You can find this article on our ‘News’ page.

Healthy Companions branches off our Rescue to allow us to share news; an adoption, an addition, update and animals issues that are brought to our attention.

We would also like to offer advice to issues that you may have with your own companion as well as people and pet friendly food recipes.

Please feel free to email us (Rescue@HEALTHYCOMPANIONS.ORG or Rescue.Healthycompanions@gmail.com) any questions or suggestions.

Thank you for visiting us and check back soon  we are  still frequently updating this site.